Holt Challenge Inc. Competitive Tenpins for Bowlers of all abilities


Holt Challenge Incorporated, known simply as "Holt", provides Tenpin Bowlers in Australia with the opportunity to compete on a level playing field against others of similar ability. Since 2007, this organisation has conducted a highly successful event known as the Holt Tenpin Bowling Carnival, during which numerous challenges and trophy events are hotly contested.

2021 Holt Tenpin Bowling Carnival

Townsville Tenpin & Fun Centre

101 Bamford Lane, Kirwan Queensland 4817

Dates : Saturday 7th to Thursday 19th August 2021

The Holt Challenge Executive Committee wish to advise that the 2020 Holt Challenge has been re-scheduled to August 2021 at Townsville Tenpin & Fun Centre.

All bowlers are welcome! Our core competition, the Holt Restricted Challenge, is designed specifically for "average" league bowlers who have an average under 185 for men (175 for women) and is conducted using a handicapping system to level the field. Holt Challenge Inc also offer a "Classic" challenge for those whose average is between Restricted and the "elite" mark of 199 & under for Men and 189 & under for Women which is conducted on a scratch basis in a similar format.

In addition to the two Challenges, Holt Challenge Inc also offers several trophy events including Cup events to marry up with the Challenges and Open masters for the higher average bowlers.

If you're interested in participating in a fun and friendly tournament with some good prizes on offer, contact your local branch for more information!

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