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Holt Challenge Incorporated, known simply as "Holt", provides Tenpin Bowlers in Australia with the opportunity to compete on a level playing field against others of similar ability. Since 2007, this organisation has conducted a highly successful event known as the Darrell Holt Tenpin Bowling Carnival, during which numerous challenges and trophy events are hotly contested.

2016 Darrell Holt Tenpin Bowling Carnival
Bowland Salisbury, Adelaide, South Australia
Saturday 13th August to Thursday 25th August 2016

The Holt Challenge Inc executive committee is pleased to announce that the venue for the 2016 Darrell Holt Tenpin Bowling Carnival and Challenges will be at Bowland Salisbury in

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All bowlers are welcome! Our core competition, the Darrell Holt Restricted Challenge, is designed specifically for "average" league bowlers who have an average under 185 for men (175 for women) and is conducted using a handicapping system to level the field. We also offer a "Classic" challenge for those whose average is between Restricted and the "elite" mark of 200 for men and 190 for women which is conducted on a scratch basis in a similar format.

In addition to the two Challenges, Holt Challenge Inc also offers several trophy events including Cup events to marry up with the Challenges and Open masters for the higher average bowlers.

If you're interested in participating in a fun and friendly tournament with some good prizes on offer, contact your local branch for more information!

2016 Holt Challenge Team Trials
Zone Date Venue
ACT 5 & 6 March AMF Belconnen
Fusion By Selection Only
NQ 12 & 13 March Burdekin Bowl
NSW 27 & 28 February Fairfield & Campbelltown
NT  27 & 28 February Planet Bowl
SA  6 & 7 February AMF Golden Grove
SQ 27 & 28 February Bundy Bowl
Tas  27 & 28 February  AMF Moonah
Vic 19 & 20 March Narre Warren
WA 12 & 13 March AMF Joondalup

Note: Revised date for WA team trials

Roll Off Entry Forms


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  1. To all holt bowlers only 2 till we go can’t wait to see you’d all there for 2 weeks of fun

  2. Sorry, just dont like your website, too “busy” and hard to find what you want.

  3. why are there no results for the restricted challenge as its snowing in Canberra and we need somne information to warm us up.

  4. Where are the results from the Classic Masters?? i thought there was spose to be live rsults, but so far its been far from live, Classic Masters was Thursday night, and its now Friday 19-30 WA time

    • Everything is updated now. What you have to understand is we spend 15 -18 hours per day keeping the tournament moving, sometimes sleep gets higher priority than minor updates – particularly after 15 hours straight in the centre, dinner and bed was all that was going to follow. Additionally there was nothing on the computer for classic masters finals to put up anyway until it got transposed during a JDMT squad today.

  5. Jeff, i understand its a big task, and i know that all involved are doing the best that they can, but maybe it shouldn’t be promoted as live scores.

    • John, It is totally my fault that we are unable to provide live scores at the 2012 Holt Challenges. Most will be aware that the tournament team is short staffed this year. I usually do the live scores but as my mother passed away very recently I have been unable to make it to Townsville. Unfortunately the entry form advertising live scores was prepared earlier in the year before we knew that I could not be at Townsville. Apologies for this inconvenience but I will try not to let it happen again!

  6. Hi
    Just wanted to know when you are posting the classic women’s results. Have they bowled yet?

  7. Can we get the results of the the restricted & open finals

  8. Hi, could you please point me in the right direction to get the Holt Logo images. I am helping the Tassie Ladies with a project for the team bags and we were looking to use the logos.

  9. hi peter is there any way of getting all scores for resrticted put on the website as some of us do not have face book
    and can i get all the score breakdowns for all matches foe classic masters

    thanks brad

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